Live Events/displays

The group comes with a fully equipped Living History camp complete with medieval tents and a camp kitchen. In this setting the group carries out the everyday tasks of medieval life such as chopping wood, fetching water, food preparation and often cooking meals on open fires to feed the camp.

The household can also demonstrate medieval warfare during The Wars of the Roses period, with a contingent of archers demonstrating the use of the feared English longbow and a small company of foot soldiers which include bill men, men-at-arms, crossbowmen and gunners.
We can offer displays of arms and tactics of the day, or can stage a siege or battle scenario. All our displays can be tailored to the client’s wishes with allowances for site layout and available space.

Visitors can join in with the Bill Drill, try on armour of the period, and should they be feeling merry they may join in with the household dancing.

Our society has the utmost respect for historic properties, and we will always leave a location in the manner in which it was found..

Savile Household 2023 Events    

Please note our event timetable may be subject to change    


25th & 26th March


Training weekend

Private training event for group members, no public access


2nd April



Invite event to join Towton Battlefield Society and Frei Compagnie for a day of commemoration on the Towton Battlefield. There will be a small living history camp, guided walks onto the battlefield, and have a go archery with the Palm Sunday Archers. Fun activities for all the family to enjoy.


15th & 16th April


Avoncroft Living History Festival

The household will be bringing their living history displays to this multi-period event and market.


15th & 16th April


Wrest Park St George's Festival

Living history, battlefield displays and some dragon slaying.


13th & 14th May


Sewerby Hall

More details to follow 


28th & 29th June


Hoghton Tower

More details to follow


28th & 29th June


Sheffield Manor

More details to follow


17th & 18th June


Bolton castle

More details to follow


24th & 25th June


Chester castle

More details to follow


8th & 9th July


Tewkesbury medieval festival

More details to follow


22nd & 23rd July


Shrewsbury medieval weekend

More details to follow


26th & 27th August


Castle Rising

More details to follow


23rd & 24th September



More details to follow